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Supporting the Spring Hill Education Foundation

The Spring Hill Education Foundation Blue Out Bash is Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 6pm. Hometown Hardware and Gifts is happy to provide a donation of a 75 quart insulated Orca Cooler to this year’s event as well as buying a table at this year’s out bash table spring hill education foundation

orca cooler for donation at spring hill education foundation blue out bashThe foundation is doing something fun with it this year. They will put a lock on the cooler and you can buy a ticket for a key to unlock the ice chest.  The winner of the opening key will get the chest plus whatever surprise is hidden in the Orca Cooler……and it all goes for a good cause!

The Orca Cooler is a durable, roto-molded cooler with integrated insulation. It holds ice for up to 10 days. The cooler comes with extendable flex-grip handles, cargo net and easy-flow drainage spout. Lifetime Warranty too!

blue out bash 2020 spring hill education foundation