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Store Update from Ken

We are back from our hardware show in Boston with loads of new products on the way and several new ideas to help our customers.  We are way excited to go forward in the hardware business helping our customers in many new and improved ways.

ken and suzy 2017First let me address first hand some of the rumors that have been circulating around our community about Suzy and I listing the property for sale.  We did indeed list the property with a local broker, Suzanne Smith.  That does NOT mean we are going to close.  It simply means that at 60 and 63 years of age, Suzy and I need to plan for slowing down some.  As I have been told that it may take 2-5 years to sell a successful business at a fair and reasonable price, we decided to start that process now.  We are very interested in making sure any new owners understand the history and story behind Hometown.  They need to understand how important our customers are to us.  They need to understand selling a product at a competitive price and delivering incomparable service is what Hometown does and what Hometown will continue to do.  That is what makes us special to our customers.  We know that and will make sure any potential new owners will know that.

If qualified buyers don’t emerge, we are fully prepared to own the business on into the future with a full time manager operating it and us checking in on the business with regularity.  Much like what we currently do in our Diana store.  They offer the same pricing and the same beyond-the-norm customer service as we do and we have an excellent manager in place there, Chuck Fisk.  

So to reassure all of our customers, Hometown isn’t going to change anything.  We are going to stay YOUR Hometown store.  We will continue to be involved in the community.  We will continue to feel blessed by our customers. 

Thank you,