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We’re on the Newsstands!

orgill magazineOkay, so you won’t really find us on the newsstands, but if there was a newsstands dedicated to Hardware Store magazines, we’d be on it! Take a look inside the Summer 2017 Issue of Newsworthy Magazine. It is published by Orgill, one of our valued suppliers and sent to all their dealers across the US.

The article “Let’s Do 10 More”, focuses on Hometown Hardware and Gifts serving the Longview community for the past 10 years.

“The challenges facing independent operators and owners are only becoming more difficult as competition increases. Yet Hometown Hardware in Longview, Texas, along with its sister store, Diana Hardware in Diana, Texas, are a testament to how, if owners are willing to put in the time, research and effort, they can build a business that suits the needs of the communities it serves. That’s exactly what Ken and Suzy Turner did.”

Find out more about what drives Ken and Suzy’s business, especially their focus on being a resource for the members of their community in this fabulous article.

To read the entire article from Newsworthy, click here.

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