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We’re in the May Issue of Longview Neighbors Magazine

We are honored to have this article in the May Issue of Longview Neighbors Magazine about our recent 10th Anniversary Sale.

Here it is in case you missed it in the magazine:

“Hometown Hardware, a locally owned and operated hardware store,  just celebrated its 10th anniversary in April with a huge celebration.  There were vendors on site as well as store wide discounts and free food.  Owners Suzy and Ken Turner welcomed many of the customers by name and thanked as many as they could for their patronage over the years.

Did you know that 96% of all businesses fail before they can reach 10 years?  That statistic, put out by Inc Magazine, is mind numbingly incredible!  If you don’t like that source, the Small Business Administration says that over 80% of businesses fail in the first 10 years.  Either way, Hometown managed to beat the overwhelming odds.

Why?  There are three main reasons.

First, the owners will quickly tell you that the communities of Spring Hill and Pine Tree have rallied behind them  over the years.  “We have had so much support from our customers, it has been unreal.  Some of them have seemed more worried about our success than even we have if that is possible!  In those early years, many customers would come up to me with genuine concern in their voice and ask if we were doing ok.  I’d tell them the truth.  Those early years were a bit of a struggle but we hung in there and so have our customers.  Today we are doing well and we owe it to our customers.”

Secondly, the owners will sing the praises of their employees.  The Hometown crew is not just more knowledgeable than the average employee at a big box store, they are extremely talented at welcoming a customer to the store.  “One of the first ideas we stole and implemented from successful business was to use the Cheers model of marketing.  You know the old TV show where they wholeheartedly greeted their customers by name when they came through the door.  That’s what we try our best to do.  We want our customers to feel comfortable with us.  And I think our employees excel at that.”

Finally, Hometown Hardware has succeeded over the years by being willing to adapt and go the extra mile.  “We have changed out a number of sections over the past decade to better serve our customers.  We have added pool testing, residential lighting, extensive stainless bolts selection, the area’s largest display of Milwaukee tools and accessories, gourmet foods, and much more over the years. Our gift department has gone from a mainly kitchen oriented section to a more whole house decorative section.  We order things from our local supplier and can get things delivered sometimes as fast as same day for our customers. No one can be as responsive to customers’ needs as we can.  We make it our business to offer what they want, when they want it, and at a price competitive with anyone.”

So looking for a shopping experience rather than fighting the hassle of long lines?  Looking for shopping the way it used to be 30 years ago?  It’s right here locally at Hometown Hardware!”

Source: Longview Neighbors Magazine

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