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Ken’s Blog : Gotta Have : Insta Flo (or Thrift)

If you are like me and spring cleaning is happening at your house, don’t forget those pesky plumbing pipes.  Pipes you say!  Yes, your plumbing needs a little maintenance too.  One of the best products we have in the store is Insta Flo odorless drain cleaner (some folks call it Thrift).  A one pound bottle of the granules will clean out a normal 2-3 bath house for only $12.99.  A two pound bottle will do the maintenance twice a year and you save a couple of bucks at $23.99.

So how does it work?  Easy…..just run hot water down all of your drains for a couple of minutes.  Put 3-4 tablespoons down the drain and follow with more hot water.  Come back in 10-15 minutes and flush the pipes..  It basically acts like a little PacMan in your pipes eating out all of the clogs. Its even safe for septic systems. Twice a year and the plumber will never have to come see you!!!!!!  Come see us and we can answer any questions you may have about this outstanding product.