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Ken’s Blog : Gotta Have : LED Light Bulbs

led lights Did you know that the Fed’s have basically outlawed most kinds of incandescent bulbs?  For energy conservation the government wants to move consumers to CFL (compact flourescents—the ones with the curly que’s) or to LED’s.  I’ve begun to do a bit of research on the good and the bad news with regard to the new bulbs.  I decided to take home several of the bulbs and try them at my house.  The CFL’s are pretty good.  They don’t cost an arm and a leg and will produce average brightness.  The thing that bothered me about them is that they can be a bit slow to come on and some of them have a color to them.  You generally also have to over wattage the bulb to get the light you are used to.

led lightsLED’s….the knock on them is that they are so expensive.  You get really bright light.  They come on at about 1 second, so not too slow.  Good news on the price front is they are coming down.  I have calculated that it will cost me about $500-600 to outfit my entire house in all LED light bulbs.  Before you have a heart attack…..let me tell you why it may make sense for you to consider.  First, the average LED should last 25,000 hours… 15-25 years.  Unlike incandescents which seemed to last about 1-2 years, LED’s are projected to last 10-15 times as long.  That helps on the price front.  The second thing is that the wattage used is approximately 10-20% of the regular bulbs.

My first thought was that….sure and you will be in the dark!  Not true!  I replaced 40 watt globe bath lights with 8 watt LED’s and I was dang near blinded by the brightness.  That globe bulb sells for $14-15 but it is incredible that it uses almost no electricity and produces more light.  The projected payback on LED’s is from 5-8 years.  So if you spend $500 on average you can expect to save $50-100 per year with SWEPCO.

We are about to increase our current two foot section to a four foot section in the store totally devoted to LED’s.   We plan to sell them on the basis of energy savings and payback.   Trust me….the accountant has calculated the payback to the penny!!!!  Come talk to us and let us show you what’s new in light bulbs.